SIPA arrests One Person suspected of Killing 51 Civilians

Acting on an order of a Prosecutor from the Special Department for War Crimes, in early morning hours, in the area of Donji Dubovik in the municipality of Krupa na Uni, police officers of the State Investigation and Protection Agency – SIPA, assisted by the police of the Republika Srpska Ministry of the Interior, located, identified and arrested the suspect Dušan Ćulibrk aka Ćule, born in 1970 in Bosanska Krupa. 

The suspect is charged, as a member of the reserve police of the Bosanska Krupa Public Security Station, with participating in the abduction and then killing of 44 Bosniak and Croat civilians, which he committed personally and directly, during the war and the armed conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in July of 1992, together with other persons. The aforementioned civilians were unlawfully detained in the Omarska camp in the Prijedor municipality, and they were taken away for alleged exchange, and then they were taken to the Lisac pit site in the Donji Dubovik area, where they were shot and killed. Their bodies and remains were found and exhumed from the Lisac pit and identified in 2000. 

Furthermore, the accused is charged with intercepting, in early August in Donji Dubovik, a group of seven Bosniak civilians moving from the direction of Prijedor towards Bihać, and with shooting at those civilians and killing them. The bodies of those civilians were found and exhumed from the Lisac pit.  

The aforementioned suspect is subject to investigation due to the commission of the criminal offence of War Crimes against Civilians.

In the course of the day, the SIPA police officers will hand over the suspect to the Prosecutor in charge of the case.  

As part of the same case, Milorad Kotur, born in 1961 in Bosanska Krupa, who is residing in Novi Sad, in the Republic of Serbia, was located on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, by way of international legal assistance, and he was questioned in the capacity of a suspect.  

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