Since May 18th: Tens Rescuers have been Searching for the missing Boy

Tens of rescuers and villagers are continuing the most extensive search of the Bosna River with the aim of finding a six-year-old boy who fell into the stream in the village of Begov Han on May 18th.

Residents of Zepce, Zenica, Zavidovici and Sarajevo, Cantonal and Federal Civil Protection Offices, SNIK Atom and dozens of villagers yesterday and today will search for eight kilometers to find a six-year-old who accidentally fell into a flooded stream.

During the briefing for members of today’s action it is said that the area is divided by zones and that the teams will search their areas in detail by examining each meter.

Admir Bajrektarevic, head of GSS Zavidovici and leader of today’s action, stressed that rescuers pay attention to details on the banks of Bosna River and accumulated landfills at the river where they could see the body of the boy.


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