Silk Way of Art exhibition opened in Hanikah

hanikahAs a part of the Festival “Sarajevo Winter”, an exhibition “Silk way of art” is opened yesterday in the Gallery Hanikah. The exhibition stresses that the substance of silk road art is a kind of uniqueness, diversity, creativity and community that man builds.

The exhibition presents photos of the Far East, Asia, Africa and the Europe, and the installation that is an allusion to the planetary connection between people, land and sea.

“On the silk road, art is trying to find the link between cultures and civilizations of the world that on the way from the East to the West finds its place in Sarajevo” –  says director Ibrahim Spahic at the opening of the exhibition.

In this sense, on any continent, in any corner of the world, there are people who dream, then wake up and suddenly see this world of art.

On the other hand, the silk road art means to actually search for the core of the capsule, and the festival is built on the idea that in every cultural institution, in every public space that is in communication with the people, to see that core. It creates silk as a product, like the butterfly that is in the intermediate stage, transition, saying that the key to holding together is love, because although butterflies live shortly in this world, their love is infinite.

Spahic believes that the silk road art celebrates planetary, cosmic relationship with the world. We celebrate the stories of the journey, the performance of Indian dance at the opening of the Festival, the modern dance theater in Istanbul, and all these are stories with a long journey, related to land, sea and Skyway.

(Source: photo sarajevo travel)

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