Bosnians have Significantly more Savings than Loans in Banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Total loans placed at the end of May 2020 in Bosnia and Herzegovina reached 20.26 billion BAM, with a growth rate of 0.9 percent annually.

Loans to households had the largest share (48.3%) in total loans, reaching 9.8 billion BAM, according to the latest data from the Directorate for Economic Planning of BiH, which in its information on economic indicators for the last analyzed month – May, also referred to savings.

Also, the data show that the population in domestic banks has significantly more savings than loans.

“At the end of May 2020, total placed deposits reached 23.4 billion BAM with a growth rate of 4.9 percent. Retail deposits, with 13.1 billion BAM and a growth rate of 3.3 percent, had the largest share in total deposits (56%)”.

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