Significant Shortage of Protective Masks in Canton Sarajevo


Drugstores across Bosnia-Herzegovina are in short supply of protective masks due to high demand due to panic over the possibility of the spread of coronavirus in our country, Avaz newspapers writes.

That panic prevailed among some citizens, is confirmed by the fact that today, residents could not buy protective masks at any pharmacy in Sarajevo.

Increased prices

“We do not have masks right now because there is a shortage of supplies, but we hope they will be soon available,” an employee of a pharmacy at Marijin Dvor settlement told Avaz. Prices are obviously much higher than in December, when ten pieces of surgical masks, just over a month ago, could be bought for 2-3 BAM, and today, the same package costs 5.60 BAM.

At the pharmacy at Socijalno settlement, they also explained that they have no protective masks and that the reason is that they have nowhere to get them.

“We were supplying masks from China, but due to the appearance of coronavirus, delivery was suspended.”

All employees work with face masks, and as stated on the official website of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina Institute of Public Health, persons working in pharmacies and hospitals should wear it for prevention.

“Masks are only effective if used in combination with frequent hand-washing with an alcohol-based disinfectant or soap and water,” the Institute advised. Coronavirus panic also affected Herzegovina, especially after news that two cases were confirmed in Croatia.



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