Significant decrease in Vehicle Theft compared to previous Years

In February this year in the area of Sarajevo Canton, 10 criminal acts of heavy theft of motor vehicles were carried out, of which three were found and returned to the owners. Two vehicles were returned by the Police Administration of the Ministry of Interior of Canton Sarajevo, while one has returned by the owner.

The number of heavy theft of motor vehicles in the Sarajevo Canton has significantly decreased after the murder of two Sarajevo policemen Adis Sehovic and Davor Vujinovic at the end of October 2018. The murder of two policemen is not solved yet, but the investigation is aimed at criminal groups.

Two policemen were killed in a patrol car after they arrived at the crime scene while thieves were trying to steal the Golf VI car. After the killing, they escaped, and since then, police actions have been aimed at criminal groups that have resulted in dozens of searches and arrests of persons linked to the murder of two policemen. Srecko Trifkovic and Slaven Dakic are in custody, who are also tried in the case of the “Volan”by the Court of BiH together with another 23 persons charged with several criminal offenses. The organized group is charged of stealing more than 200 cars.

Since the end of October, there has been a significant decrease in vehicle theft compared to previous years.

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