Significant Decrease in Prices of Fuel in Bosnia and Herzegovina


At gas stations in Republika Srpska entity, there have been major price drops for almost all types of fuel, according to eKapija business portal.

Thus, on some gas stations in Banja Luka, diesel and petrol cost 1.50 BAM on Saturday, April 11, and the same prices were recorded at some pumps in Trn.

By Friday, the fuel costed from 1.79 to 1.89 BAM per liter, depending on the gas station.

This, therefore, represents a reduction in the retail fuel price of 29 to 39 fenings.

It should be reminded that the Government of Republika Srpska adopted a decision earlier Thursday limiting wholesale fuel margins to 0.06 BAM per liter and retailing to 0.25 KM.

The Federal Government has also made a decision limiting fuel margins, ie they must return to the level of March 5th.

In the past period, the prices of petroleum products have fallen on the world market and the prices of refineries have also decreased.

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