Shooting of Short Film ‘The Tourist’ Will Begin in Sarajevo

remember_me_berlinTonight, the shooting of the short film ‘The Tourist’ will begin in Sarajevo by director Ariel Shaban. ‘The Tourist’ is a project by the Sarajevo City of Film, which will be part of an international omnibus ‘Remember me Berlin’. It is an independent feature film project that will be made up of seven short films shot in the multicultural metropolises of Germany, USA, Italy, Lebanon, B&H and Turkey. The theme of the project is the search for identity in today’s world with a focus on connecting people.

The creative team consists of young filmmakers that will be participants of the Berlinale Talent Campus 2012, and Ariel Shaban, who is from Kosovo and the director of the short film ‘The Tourist’ that will be shot in Sarajevo, is also a participant of the Sarajevo Talent Campus 2011.

According to Shaban, the fact that his short film will be a part of the international omnibus ‘Remember me Berlin’ means a lot to him. The film is about cultural differences, of how people perceive those who are from the Balkans and how outsiders are perceived today.

Armin Omerović will play the main roles in the film ‘The Tourist’, which will be filmed in Bosnian and German, from B&H and Michel Diercks from Germany.


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