Shoes for Prada made in Lipnica near Tuzla

Lipnica Tuzla shoesLignite mine Lipnica stopped working in 1990. Unlike a number of ruined spaces of the former economic giants in BiH, the Development and Business Center Tuzla – Incubator Lipnica removed the old fence from the mine chambers and brought them to life again.

In one of the factory plants is located company Bosit Industry in which are made shoes for well-known brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Janet & Janet, and Prada, which is known as extremely demanding business partners.

“Our long-term quality has been recognized by famous brands and we have managed to establish cooperation with them. We have signed contracts for two years and more with foreign customers, and since we justify their demands that are extremely high, we regularly renew and extend contracts,” said Amir Ajdaslic-Okanovic on behalf of Bosit Industry.

More than 180 employees are working on the manual processing of shoes from Prada program Miu, and newly created models are hidden from the public due to strict discretion required by this brand.

“The program Miu is designed for celebrities, so the shoes with the stamp ‘Made in Bosnia’ are wearing the world-famous stars,” said Ajdaslic-Okanovic.

“These are mostly hand-made shoes. The job is demanding a lot due to the high precision that is requested by Prada. Everything has to be in place, and according to the regulations of work. Shoes are hand-decorated with Swarovski crystals, which are small, but the most important is that they are high quality” she explained.

Top Prada products that were made in BiH today can be found in New York, Venice, Milan…

Only a few people have the opportunity to look at some of the models and to personally assure the quality of footwear intended for the world market.

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