After Shoes for Melania: If I get an Invitation for the Inauguration, I’ll take Dodik

bema_shoesThe story about shoes for the now First Lady of the United States Melania Tramp from factory Bema in Banja Luka, went all over the world a few months ago.

This story now gets a sequel.

The director of the factory Marinko Umicevic sent a congratulatory message to Melania on the election victory of her husband Donald, and noted that it would be nice if she “walks” into the White House in the white Bema shoes.

Umicevic says that he expects an invitation to the inauguration of the new US president. However, if he gets an invitation for two people to the inauguration of 45th US president Donald Trump, Umicevic states that he would not bring his wife, but the President of the RS, Milorad Dodik.

“If I get an invitation to go there on the 20th of January, then I will take the President of RS. Although my wife is mad at me “why he?!’ but I want to take the President of the RS to go with me because we need to talk and negotiate. I expect, if nothing else, that he will not make fun of us and that he will not make any trouble,” says Umicevic.

But Umicevic also said that he was not a prophet when he addressed the shoes “for the First Lady of the USA’, but that the story of shoes began when he saw how the media published nude pictures of Melania somewhere in the midst of the election campaign, which started various ugly comments.

“Production of shoes cost between 200 and 300 EUR, but their symbolic value is much higher. I wrote a letter in which I said that we, especially the Balkan people, who make war every 50 years and perish, disappear and get poor, that we expect from America that ‘olive twig’ and that there was enough of ‘fire and sword’, especially for us Serbs. We hope that we will not always be seen as ‘bad guys’ since, the argument always takes two. That message went around the whole world,” said Umicevic.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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