Shocking Allegations: Tito disappeared in 1937 in Russia?

karsh-tito-marshhall-josip-broz-1954-01Marijan John Markul entered the Los Angeles office of the FBI on the 20th of April 1955 and told the shocking story. The man, who then represented as Marshal Josip Broz Tito is not real Tito, but a Russian agent who took over Tito’s identity since the real Josip Broz disappeared in Russia in 1937.

The report said that it was not sure how much these information are accurate, but Markul stated that he was “the Socialists who wants to provide information that could be important for the security of the United States.”

In the note of the meeting of FBI agents was stated that Markul visited Yugoslavia in 1953, and met with Tito on two occasions. The first meeting lasted for about an hour, and on that occasion he noted that Marshal Tito has five fingers on each hand.

Markul stated that the real Tito lost the middle finger and index finger of his left hand. He added that Tito, with whom he talked in ’53, was well educated and an excellent piano player. On the other hand, real Tito was uneducated, and according to Markul, did not know to play the piano.

Among other things, Markul claimed that Josip Broz was about 180 centimeters tall, while this “fake” one was only 160 cm tall. Markul also said that the man who presented himself as Tito spoke with a slight Russian accent, and that he was quite mild speaker. He says that real Tito talked pronouncedly and sharply.

Markul claimed that the real Tito was quite sick and he had tuberculosis, as well as that he disappeared in Russia in 1937. He also said that he talked with real Tito in Yugoslavia in late twenties, and he met with him in Paris in 1935 or 1936, adding that he is convinced that this man was real Josip Broz.

Markul had the second meeting with Tito  in Zagreb in 1953. This time Marshal almost completely ignored Marijan and his wife Ingrid. After the audience with the Marshal, Markul talked with Aleksandar Rankovic, who, according to Markul, was the most powerful man in Yugoslavia.

Rankovic and Markul were together in jail at the end of the twenties of the last century because of the syndicated action, and they became close during that time. Therefore Markul Rankovic openly said that he knew that Tito in the next room is fake.

Markul said to the FBI agents that, in his opinion, the Yugoslav authorities secretly cooperate with the Soviet Union and that everything will become clear in the coming period. He also expressed his confidence that the Soviet authorities, if they wish, could easily solve Broz, adding that all of his statements can be confirmed by certain Zivko Topalovic from France.

Zivko Topalovic, according Markul, knew the real Tito, and Yugoslavia sentenced him to 20 years in prison, which is why he fled to France. Topalovic believed that the person who presents himself as Tito was actually Russian General Nikolai Lebedev.

(Source: avaz.ba)

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