Shock and Sorrow after the Tragedy in Kakanj Coal Mine: Three Dead Miners had Children

accidentIn the accident that happened last night in the pit Begici-Bistani in the Kakanj Coal Mine, four miners lost their lives: Muhamed Sarac (47), Nermin Musija (38), Mijo Stojicic (39) and Sejad Gadjun (44).

At the time of the accident during the 3rd shift a total of 28 miners were in the mine. The bodies of the victims were drawn out and transferred to the City Cemetery Visoko. Miners who survived safely went outside of the mine.

In the accident, on which Federal mining inspection should declare soon, were injured Haris Musija (43) and Dzemal Ibrahimspahic (35, and they were transferred last night to the Cantonal Hospital Zenica.

Representatives of the mine visited the families of victims this morning. Three dead miners, who worked as a loaders, had children. One of them was employed in the mine for 11 years.

Immense sadness and shock prevail in the facility Haljinici, where relatives and friends of the victims are gathering.

(Source: klix.ba)

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