Sharp Decline of Catholic Population recorded in BiH

The Catholic population of Bosnia and Herzegovina has fallen to 400,000—down from over 740,000 before the Bosnian War (1992-95).

“This decline is mainly due to young people emigrating to find better job opportunities,” said Bishop Tomo Vuksic, the nation’s military ordinary.

The prelate told an Italian news agency that Catholics face significant economic discrimination in the Balkan nation of 3.9 million, which is 40% Muslim and 31% Orthodox.

To recall, Monsignor Komarica said that the Pope is concerned for position of Catholics in BiH.

“Pope knows that there are no Catholics in half of the country, only 5 percent, whereas their number is drastically reducing in the other half of the country,” said Bishop Komarica, adding it is even more absurd it is happening in Europe.

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