SFF: Sarajevo Will Not Sleep For Next Nine Days

SFFDuring the 19th Sarajevo Film Festival, many events will be organized in Sarajevo. In the next nine days, Sarajevo will not sleep, because everyone is ready for an unforgettable time.

The opening of this year’s Sarajevo Music Stage on 16 August in Dom Mladih, the popular Montenegrin singer Sergej Ćetković will perform. Letu štuke and Crvena Jabuka will perform on 17 August. On Sunday, 18 August the Mostar band Zoster and the Belgrade band S.A.R.S. will perform, and on 19 August the controversial band from Rijeka Let and singer Rambo Amadeus will take the stage. On Tuesday, 20 August, legendary Zagreb band Prljavo Kazalište and the young Sarajevo band Polaroid Trip will perform. On Wednesday, 21 August the stage will be ready for Boban Marković and his Orchestra, on on Thursday 22 August it is Partibrejkers and Darkwood Dub. The rock band from Vinkovci, Croatia Majke and Sarajevo band Skroz are scheduled for Friday, 23 August, and Sarajevo Music Stage will close on 24 August with concerts by TBF and Dječaci.

Sarajevo City Pub prepared an entire series of events during the Sarajevo Film Festival that will begin at 21:00.

These will include performances by DJ Valide, Project Rakija and DJ Peer Vos. After them, there will be concerts by St. Louis Band, and a two legendary Serbian musicians Gale (Kerber) and Najda (ex-Smak). They will perform together.

Anchi & The Moon Dogs are well-known to the Sarajevo public, and they will perform well-known songs, as well as their own songs. The band from Novi Sad Obojeni will also hold a concert.

From 16-14 August, Art Kino Kriterion will be one of the focal points of nightlife in Sarajevo.

At the opening on 6 August at 22:00, the bands Basheskia and Billain will perform. Straight Mickey and the Boyz With Intheroom will hold concerts on 17 August at 21:00. Adrian Gasper, Jasmin Sultanić and Harsen Kocan are coming from Austria and promised an excellent Jazz concert on 18 August at 22:00. For lovers of old-school hip-hop, a party called Tru Skool Back2skool will take place on 19 August at 22:00.

The alternative female rock band from Croatia Punčke on 21 August. Another party, Neon Bodies W/Tekitoka & Fallout will be held on 22 August. Sajsi MC and DJ Brko, favorites among the hip-hop generation, will perform on 19 August at 22:00.

Mucha Lucha Open Air Summer Festival promises nine days of great music and entertainment. It will take place from 16-24 August, and on 16 August it will begin at 20:00 with a performance by Alexander Nut (UK), Audio Infunktion (BiH), Zlijay (BiH) and Mr. Mehikano (BiH). On Saturday, 17 August at 17:00 Outlook promo & III National Drawing Contest – Brainbox/The Paint Club BiH will be held, with a performance by  J. Sparrow (UK), Peter Plus (Denmark), Room4Space (Turkey), Groove U (Turkey) and Hator Master (BiH). On Sunday, 18. August at 17:00, All Day/Night Hip-hop music will take place, with a performance by Merakoon (BiH), I Selektion (BiH), Weedad (BiH), El Camino (BiH) and Riven (BiH). In the next three days there will be performancecs by McLaud (BiH), All Things (Illusion Art, Slovenia), Zuba (BiH), Splein (BiH), PickPocket (BiH), Peter Plus (Danska), Funk You! (Hrvatska), Bursaceva (Srbija), Mr. Mehikano (BiH), Gogo BA (BiH), Šivini Drugari (BiH) and Bonjasky (BiH), and all performances begin at 20:00. Thursday, 22. August is reserved for a concert by B&H band Velaavle, with the support of Mr. Mehikana. On Friday, 23 August there will be a performance by the Croatian hip-hop band Kandzija & Toxara, with the support of DJ Pipsa and Zupanyja. As a special surprise, TBA will perform. On the final day of the festival on 24 August, Baga Sound (BiH), Dovlaman (Serbia), Shpira (Serbia), Weedad (BiH) and Mr. Mehikano (BiH0 will perform at 17:00.

From 16-17 August at Club Fis Bock, the Tuborg Gruv Fest 2013 will take place. The festival will be held on two floors, the Open Air Garden Space and the After Room. The festival will offer the public entertainment and dance, with 10 DJ’s that will play various types of music, such as hip-hop, breaks, deep and tech house and techno. The entrance is free.

At the Skenderija plato and the Laško Summer Lounge will hold concerts by the best regional DJ’s and bands.

On Friday, 16 August Tomcraft will perform, while on Saturday there will be Zap Me Strobe, known also as Miss Ivee & Damien. On Sunday, 18 August the B&H electronic band Kazoo will hold a concert, and after them there will be concerts by the Dubrovnik band Audiometrica, DJ dua Laneta and Petre, and on Monday, 19 August the band Macao will perform. The London DJ Goldierocks will perform on Tuesday, 20 August, and the Belgrade band Sevdah Baby promises an excellent concert on 21 August. On Thursday, 22 August Alexander Zimmerman aka DJ Zimbo will perform, and after him Stefano Palmisano will have the opportunity to present himself to the Sarajevo public. The highlight in Laško Summer Lounge will take place on Saturday, 24 August, where there will be a performance by DJ Miss Mavrik. The local support will be given by Treba Mi Bass, known as Ismix & nanE. Entrance to all events is only with invitation that can be won or obtained in the Laško Summer Lounge bar on plato Skenderija.

Shatro is a recently opened shop/cafe/gallery in the Papagajka (parrot) building in Sarajevo, located near Ćumurija bridge. During the Sarajevo Film Festival from 16-24 August, they have prepared their own authentic music version-Shatro Film Festival.

”The strongest gathering of all time, DJ’s, graffiti live act, exhibitions, drinks, hanging out in the shade by the river, laying out on the grass, concrete, wherever you manage to reach. You will be entertained by El Karinho (16 August), Kontra (17 August), Patwo (18 August), Score (19 August), Alvin (21 August), Gogoba (23 August) and Billain (24 August), and who know who else will drop and what else we can think of in the next nine days! Drop by at the mega gathering during the festival”, said the organizers. Entrance to all partys is free.

In the Sarajevo rock&jazz club Underground the second Sarajevo Rock Festival will take place for the time of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Entrance to all concerts is free, and in addition to the performances and concerts during the entire festival, art workshops, exhibitions of comics, as well as the promotion of various characters will take place. There will also be one night dedicated to tattoo art.

Organizers said that of bands not from B&H, Dijabaz from Zagreb, The Tide from Kranj and Drum n Zez from Novi Sad will perform, and the B&H bands that will perform are regular band in Underground Leftoversi, Zona Iskljuchenja, disco DJ Cycle eM Vara and Unplugged Plug.

This year’s 19th Sarajevo Film Festival starts tonight with the movie by Danis Tanović called ”Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker”. The festival will last until 24 August.

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