SFF: “Ivica Matić” Award for Contribution to B&H Film Given

SFF (3)At the festival square at the National Theatre in Sarajevo, the ceremony for the “Ivica Matić” award for 2012 was held.

The award for lifetime contribution to B&H cinema was given to Vera Mihić, who has been involved in film production for more than 30 years and she worked on dozens of movies in production as the principal organizer and leader of production, and later as a production consultant.

Other awards were given to members of the team that wrote the screenplay for the movie ‘Djeca’-director of photography Erol Zubčević, editor Miralem Zubčević, sound designer Igor Čamo, costume and set designer Sanja Džeba and set designer Sanda Popovac.

The Association of Filmmakers of B&H 2013 reestablished the prize that was given to contribution to B&H film before the war began.

The award is handed out once a year to the member of the Association of B&H Filmmakers and bears the name of one of the most important B&H filmmakers, Ivica Matić.

The Association of B&H Filmmakers took the opportunity to also promote a new catalogue of B&H film for 2012/2013.

This publication presents and promotes B&H annual film production at all important European and world film festivals.

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