SFF: Concert of Leto Štuke and Crvena Jabuka at the Sarajevo Music Stage

crvena jabukaDuring the19th Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF), from 16th  to 24th  August, the ninth consecutive year,will be held a series of concerts in Sarajevo Music Stage.

After Sergej Ćetković, Sarajevo Music Stage on 17th August brings concerts  of two BiH bandsSpecifically,will perform the great band Leto Štuke, followed by the legendary band Crvena Jabuka.

“Even this time we will try to satisfy the audience and we will offer them a great show”,  said Dino Šaran, from the band  Leto Štuke.

  Although the band was formed back in 1986 Leto Štuke’s first album was released only in 2005. Three years later was published their second albumProteini i ugljikohidrati” and in 2011 was published third album titled “Brojevi računa”.

Dražen Žerić Žera also did not hide his satisfaction related to the performance in Sarajevo:

“I do not want to promise anything, because with the performances in Sarajevo is always a surprise, and at the end concert turns out to be  great. We are glad that we will perform with the band Leto Štuke. I really think that the audience will have the opportunity to be part of a  great concert”, said front man of  Crvena Jabuka.

Besides the old, well-known hits, such as “Dirlija“, “Tuga ti i ja” and “Nekako s proljeća” , Crvena Jabuka will perform songs from their latest album, “Nek’ bude ljubav” which was published in mid-June of  this year.

We recall, that until 10th  August tickets can be bought for all concerts of Sarajevo Music Stage via the portal for group buying e-kupon.ba, where tickets for each of the concerts will be sold with50% discount, or at a price of 10 KM per concert.

The regular sale of tickets for concerts at the Sarajevo Music Stage will be released in early August, for the price of 20 KM per concert.

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