Several tons of Products to be produced in Zvornik?

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company “Kemi Papir Holding AG” Peter Saub stated that it is a great honour for him that the factory “Zeochem” will be opened in Zvornik, which represents the investment of this Swiss company.

He noted that all necessary construction permits were acquired in record amount of time, and that the administrative part of the work did not slow down the project.

The director of Zeochem Zvornik, Zoran Petkovic, stated that the building that employs 39 workers will be opened only 14 months after laying the foundation stone for the construction of this plant.

According to him, this is a real example of how a foreign investment can be completed and implemented, with the support of the local community and the Government of the RS.

He also added that the production of the first production line started in the month of December last year, and that other lines, such as the line of special zeolite and silica gel, were started soon.

“The factory works in full capacity now, and it includes a production plan of several thousand tons of different finished products on an annual basis,” said Petkovic.




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