Seven Positive Business News that marked this Week

The company Alpina-Bromy from Tesanj announced the investment of about 2 million BAM in new production programs in the upcoming period, and thus this company will provide 150 new workplaces.

The company Gros, which is engaged in the exploitation of lead and zinc ore in the Mine “Sase” near Srebrenica, is planning to invest about 6.8 million BAM this year, which is two times larger amount in comparison to the last year’s  amount of 3.4 million BAM.

The company Pobjeda-Rudet from Gorazde, which is dealing with the production of explosives, increased its revenues at around 15.7 million BAM from the last year’s amount of 12.7 million BAM. The company managed to realize the net profit in the total amount of 2.7 million BAM.

The Chamber of Commerce of BiH announced that the Fair of Agricultural Equipment and Investments in Agriculture of “16 plus One” countries will be held within the International Trade Fair in Mostar, in the period from April 10 to 14.

The Croatian Economy Chamber opened its office in Sarajevo.

The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of BiH (FIPA) signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the US Non-Governmental Organization of CRS. This project will provide the support to the units of local self-government in BiH, which are committed to intensively work on the establishment of a favourable business environment in accordance with the Business-Friendly Certification South East Europe.

The Taxpayers of the FBiH paid a total amount of 1,255,491,243 BAM of public revenues for which the Tax Administration of the FBiH is in charge, which is by 80,472,482 BAM or 6,85 % more than in the period January – March of 2017.

A business incubator “BeeZone” was officially opened in Travnik on Wednesday, as part of the realization of the project “TRIK for new opportunities in employment and entrepreneurship”.



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