SevdahLab: Damir Imamović Continues to Promote Sevdah Music in B&H and Around the World

sevdahlab The preparations for the SevdahLab workshop entitled “Sevdah melodies” are ongoing. The workshop will be held in Sarajevo, on January 16, 17 and 18 2015. at the Public ROOM in Sarajevo.

SevdahLab by Damir Imamović has for the last few years been gathering fans of sevdah from all around the world.

SevdahLab is an interactive project dedicated to research and education about sevdah music. Since 2010, Damir Imamović, besides his concerts, manages to find time for the SevdahLab sessions as well. Sometimes it’s workshops which last several days and sometimes it is lectures with projections and audio and video samples. SevdahLab sessions have so far been held in Amsterdam, Basel, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Istanbul, Munchen, Chicago … Regular activities are based in Sarajevo. This is the 5th workshop.


(Source: Novo vrijeme)

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