Settings on Deportations of Estonians and Latvians in the Archives of FBiH

archive of FBiHYesterday in the Archives of the FBiH was held a press conference at which the director Prof. Dr. Adamir Jerkovic informed the public about the upcoming exhibition of the National Archives of Estonia “Cruel spring”.

He said that this setting will be placed in the National Museum of BiH on Tuesday, the 4th of April at 1 pm.

The idea for the exhibition came as a result of many years of successful cooperation between the Archives of the FBiH and the Baltic Archives. The setting talks about the deportation of Estonians by the communist government of the Soviet Union in Siberia in March 1949, and the fight of the Estonian people for their freedom.

Furthermore, the director of the Archives of the FBiH announced an exhibition of the National Archives of Latvia “Baltic Chain – act in the name of freedom.” The exhibition will provide a wide range of documentary heritage, from photos to the audio and visual evidence, which are kept in the archives of these states.

Dr. Jerkovic said that just before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, an unusual manifestation of three nations was organized on the 23rd of August 1989. On that day, two million people from the three Baltic states – Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia were holding hands to form over 600 km long human chain, which connected the three main cities – Vilnius in Lithuania, Riga in Latvia and Tallinn in Estonia. People wanted to show the world: “We want back our independence and states – free Estonia, free Latvia and free Lithuania!”.

Last year, the Archive of FBiH organized an exhibition on Srebrenica Inferno in Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius and presented starvation/genocide of Bosniak people of Srebrenica. Just because of that, Estonians and Latvians deserve that we show them our solidarity and support.


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