Session of Sarajevo Canton Assembly cancelled after National Anthem was intoned


The second session of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly was canceled this morning just after the Bosnia-Herzegovina’s national anthem was intoned.

Chairwoman Danijela Kristic stated that there were fifteen MPs present at the session, which is not a sufficient number for work and decision making, and immediately cancelled the session. At this 18th working session of the Assembly, the deputies were to determine the date of the session of the Assembly regarding the motion of no confidence in the Canton Sarajevo Government.

Also, one of the items on the agenda was to include the Proposal of Decision on modification of the Decision on Confirmation of the Candidate for Election of the Chairman or Deputy Speaker of the Assembly.

The first session of the Assembly this morning was adjourned due to lack of quorum, and it was also attended by 15 MPs.

At that session, a decision on the provisional financing of Canton Sarajevo needs was made for the period from January 1st to end of March this year, on the temporary financing of the Health Insurance Institute of Canton Sarajevo, and the Decision on the temporary financing of the needs of the Public Employment Service of the Canton Sarajevo, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.



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