Serwer: Biden’s Victory is Good for Bosnia’s Path to NATO

Professor at “Johns Hopkins” University in Washington, Daniel Serwer, told Vijesti.ba that the victory of Joe Biden is good for the Balkans and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Professor Serwer says that we can expect from Biden the same politics as he announced in the election campaign.

”He clearly said that the United States will support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all Balkan countries, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Kosovo, and their efforts to join the European Union,” says Serwer.

As for the winners and losers of the U.S. election, Serwer is clear.

”Biden is the winner. Trump is a loser,” said Serwer without going into deeper analysis.

He was asked how he commented that Milorad Dodik had not yet congratulated Biden on his victory, to which he replied: “Who cares?”.

Asked whether President Biden will have a special team for the Balkans and who could be on that team, Server replied that it is still unknown.

Some also mention how Serwer could personally find himself in that team. He says that is not true.

When it comes to the significance of Biden’s victory for the agreement between Serbia and Kosovo, Server points out that the new president will demand mutual recognition.

”Biden will want an agreement that includes mutual recognition, exchange of ambassadors and Kosovo’s admission to the UN. But I’m not sure he’ll get it. President Vucic seems to me averse to that,” he thinks.

The server concludes that Biden’s victory is good for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s NATO path.

”Biden is good news for NATO and every country that wants to join. He will resist Russian influence in the world more strongly than Trump,” concluded Professor Daniel Serwer.

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