Service for Foreigners’ Affairs warns on the increased Presence of Migrants in Sarajevo




During the meeting of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs on Thursday, it was pointed out on the increased presence of migrants in the Sarajevo Canton. Also, the interlocutors spoke about the current security situation on that issue, as well as the situation in temporary reception centers Usivak and Blazuj and prevention measures in the fight against Coronavirus.

It was stated that there is a large number of migrants in the surrounding countries, and according to the estimates, there are about 100.000 migrants in Greece and 7.000 to 8.000 in Serbia.

By easing the prevention measures of coronavirus and enabling their free movement, it is expected that a significant number of these migrants will move through Bosnia and Herzegovina to EU countries.

The excellent cooperation between the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and the International Organization for Migration in ensuring the normal functioning of temporary reception centers in the Sarajevo Canton was emphasized.

They stressed that 2.300 migrants are currently accommodated in the temporary reception centers Usivak and Blazuj, which represents a serious security challenge in the area of the Sarajevo Canton.

The interlocutors agreed that they would continue to hold regular meetings in order to resolve all open issues and to maintain a favorable situation in the context of the increased presence of migrants in the Sarajevo Canton.


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