Serbia to start paying Reimbursements for flooded Land in Srebrenica ?

Hydro Power Plants bistrobih.baMayor of Srebrenica Municipality Mladen Grujičić announced that a task force should be formed today which will analyze the situation and propose a solution for payment of reimbursement for the flooded arable land in the Municipality of Srebrenica.

“This task force will be comprised of representatives of the governments of Serbia and Republika Srpsja, Elektroprivreda Srbije, and Municipality of Srebrenica,” said Grujičić and added that this was said at a meeting in the Government of Serbia last week.

Grujičić added that Serbia accepted to settle the debt and pay the reimbursement which has not been paid for the flooded land for 25 years already. However, this is a long period and a large amount of money which cannot be paid at once.

“It is necessary to determine the real amount of debt and the price of annual reimbursement for the next period, as well as the way and dynamics of repayment and regular annual reimbursements, which will ensure us stable income and stability of the budget and enable the implementation of municipal developmental plans,” said Grujičić.

Grujičić expects this issue to be solved and that payment of debts and regular reimbursements for flooded land will start this year.


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