Serbia donates 25 Million Euros to Republika Srpska Entity


The Government of Republika Srpska (RS) has accepted donations from the Government of the Republic of Serbia on Thursday in the amount of 25 million euros (48,895,750 BAM).

The aforementioned donor funds are not allegedly included in the entity budget.

At a session in Banja Luka, the entity government urgently adopted a Bill on a special expropriation procedure for the construction of highways and gas pipelines on the Vukosavlje – Brcko and Brcko – Raca sections.

The Law regulates a special procedure for the expropriation of real estate for the construction of the said highway and gas pipeline, as projects of special importance for the RS, financing the execution of geodetic and technical works for the purposes of the special expropriation procedure and the implementation of a special expropriation procedure, as well as other issues of importance for the construction of this highway and pipeline.

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