Serb Radicals invited Citizens in the RS not to vote on the Referendum! 

dodikAt the joint press conference of the Serb Radical Party and the party Power of People that was held in Bijeljina on Saturday, presidents of these parties Mirko Blagojević and Aleksa Milojević invited the citizens in the RS to ignore Dodik’s referendum because it is harmful for Republika Srpska.

Milojević stated that the referendum has already caused enormous material damage because Republika Srpska became an uncertain and unsafe environment for foreign investors.

“Nothing can turn foreign investors away as political uncertainty in one country, and it is evident that Republika Srpska is in one such situation,” Milojević said.

Blagojević stated that situation around the referendum is confusing, unclear, and that this is a matter that Milorad Dodik is deciding on sovereignly, causing damage to Republika Srpska.

“In addition to the presidential function, Dodik also usurped the functions of the Government of RS and the National Assembly,” Blagojević said.

Milojević and Blagojević invited the citizens to show maturity and completely ignore the referendum.

(Source: nap.ba)

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