Semir Vranić on the List of most influential young Pathologists in the World

semir-vranicDoctor Semir Vranić from Sarajevo is on the list of most influential young pathologists in the world by the magazine The Pathologist. Vranić was nominated by colleagues, experts from world universities, and crucial were results in professional and academic work in the domain of pathology and laboratory medicine.

“My name got on the list because of my academic achievements, the published scientific articles, professional engagement in scientific and expert gatherings, such as the pathology school ‘Bryan Warren’ which is being held in Sarajevo since 2007 with the aim of raising the quality of pathologic service on a higher level, and because of the effort I invest in raising the level of academic medicine in BiH through networking with great researchers from the countries of the region, from Europe, and the world. There is also the role of the editor-in-chief of the only indexed BiH medicine magazine ‘Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences’,” said Semir Vranić.

This is the first time that Vranić is on the list by The Pathologist, but recognition and rewards are not strange to him. He received the greatest recognition in 2012, when he was declared the most productive PhD candidate on the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb.

“Prestigious grand by the American Cancer Society which I received in 2008 enabled me a research visit to the USA, where I practically embarked on my scientific journey. After finishing my doctorate, I got a one-year scholarship of the Erasmus university from Rotterdam, which enabled me the postdoctoral studies at the University of Turin. I also received some minor research and professional grants that enabled me to study in Great Britain,” said Vranić.

Vranić currently works as a diagnostician – pathologist in the Clinical Center University of Sarajevo, and he is an assistant professor of pathology for medicine students at the Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo. Although his jobs are demanding and challenging, he found some time for several research projects in the domain of pathology and translational medicine. One of the projects he currently works on is the study of the breast cancer, especially of rare subtypes.

“There is significant progress, including the discovery of new therapy biomarkers. One such study was published recently in the British pathology magazine. It is about a metaplastic breast cancer, a rare, aggressive type of cancer. Second important study with colleagues from Hungary and Italy was just completed and I hope that it will be published in 2017. With colleagues from USA and Croatia I am working on studying two more subtypes of breast cancer. I hope the results of that research will be completed during 2017,” said Vranić.

Vranić said that the pathology in BiH is not sufficiently developed and that a lot of effort should be invested in making it respectable. Situation in the region is similar. However, Vranić claims that pathologists from BiH can stand shoulder to shoulder with experts from other countries.

“Students are not overly interested in pathology, but that is a global trend. In developed countries, educators and pathology professors invest great effort to bring pathology closer to students and doctors of medical sciences, to present pathology as an important segment of clinical laboratory diagnostics,” said Vranić.

Semir Vranić is a member of The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP), the European Society of Pathology (ESP), the Working Group for breast pathology in the ESP, UICC, the European Network for Urological Pathology, the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) and the Society for Clinical Genetics of Croatia.

An article written by him as a co-author was published in the magazine of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and in 2015 it was among the most quoted and most influential works published by the AACR in 2014.

(Source: klix.ba)

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