Selector Bazdarevic commenting on the Match Belgium-BiH

match2BH national football team has experienced a heavy defeat (4: 0) in Brussels. Belgium played much better last night, they deservedly won against the Dragons, but we have to admit that it could be worse.

Head coach Mehmed Bazdarevic was visibly disappointed…

“Would I change something now? Well, when you play match like this, I would certainly change something in the preparation of the match, we had some other solutions. However, we wanted to play with those who are in the best shape, and since they are attack oriented players, we wanted to play offensive and made certain problems to Belgium. However, there must be much more desire and aggression for this level, and we should not have so many mistakes in handing the ball. We failed, first me and then my players,” said Mehmed Bazdarevic, and continued:

“We have to return from this defeat even stronger. This was our, I would say, ‘Joker’ match, we did not have anything to lose. Now we have to go back to the right level, ready to welcome the match with Cyprus. It is our most important match now.”

Mehmed Bazdarevic mentioned performances of our major stars as well…

“Our key players were not at the right level, they did not dragged everyone else forward. Collectively we have experienced a very bad night. This was a well-deserved victory for Belgium. We had some opportunities when we could save the result, but we missed them,” finished Bazdarevic.


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