”Selection of Best Managers and Companies in Southeast Europe” Tomorrow

POSLOVNI LJUDIThe traditional 28th manifestation “Selection of Best Managers and Companies in Southeast Europe” will take place in Sarajevo tomorrow, with the announced participation of around 400 managers from 14 countries in Europe.

In addition to the most successful managers from BiH and the region, participation at the ceremony of the selection of the best manager and companies, was announced by 15 ambassadors of friendly countries, and by the Head of the Delegation of the EU and Special EU Representative of the EU to BiH Peter Sorensen.

In the morning there will be a traditional business conference on regional cooperation and development, which will be dedicated to evaluation and assessment-what awaits the Croatian economy and the rest of the countries after Croatia’s accession to the EU and what measures for improvement of the economy have to be taken.

It is expected that business people and politicians would look for new solutions for faster development and connecting businesses in the region.

In the afternoon the best managers will be selected, as well as the best minister, mayor and personality of the year.

There will be 20 awards handed out for the most successful in business in various categories-small, medium and big businesses.

On Friday, 5 July the best managers from the region of Southeast and Central Europe will receive member of BiH Presidency Bakir Izetbegović, announced the Directorate of the Agency for Selection of the Best Managers in BiH, Southeast and Central Europe.

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