Sejdić-Finci: Wednesday New European Deadline?

Evropska-komisija-briselThe European Commission expects political leaders from the FB&H to reach an agreement by next Wednesday on a final decision for the implementation of Sejdić-Finci.

With this in mind, and also because of the upcoming Eid holiday, it is possible to move the date of the publication of a new report on B&H’s progress from the 16th to the 21st October, on which depends the European path of B&H in the next two years, as well as the planned ‘opening’ of pre-accession funds of the EU to B&H.

According to Nezavisne Novine, diplomatic sources in Brussels said that despite the various interpretations of events from the last Brussels meeting, the European Commission does not intend to impose any solution that would define ways to implement Sejdić-Finci and coordination mechanisms.

‘’The EU does not want to impose, and it does not have mechanisms for imposing solutions. However, it will use all methods of political communication to try to stimulate political leaders from the FB&H to reach an agreement in the next few days’’, said Igor Davidović, B&H Ambassador to the EU Mission in Brussels.


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