Have you seen how Grbavica Stadium will look like in the Future?

Grbavica StadiumFC Zeljeznicar on the latest session got a new president and members of the Assembly and the future look of Grbavica stadium was presented as well.

You can see in the photo the eastern and southern stands in a new light. Construction of the East Stand is currently taking place and should be completed in March. Its capacity will amount to 4,650 seats.

Part of the funds for the stand will be secured through the campaign “Let’s build the east stand”, whose aim is to sell 500 ten years tickets at a price of 1,000 BAM. They sold a total of 455 tickets, so the goal is very close.

FC Zeljeznicar is planning to build south stand as well, and additional arrangement of the stadium, and what Zeljo’s home will look like in the future was revealed in the session of the Assembly of FC Zeljeznicar whose new president is Adis Hadzic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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