See how the Sarajevo Bypass LOT 2C will look like (video)

See how the Sarajevo bypass LOT 2C and the rotary at the connection of Safet Zajke Street with the mentioned bypass look from the air.

By building this section of the motorway, which is 1,200 meters long, the connection of the northern and western parts of the city will be improved.

We remind you that the building of the last section of the Sarajevo bypass is of great importance for the capital city of BiH and the municipality of Novi Grad. LOT 2C will enable much better intra-regional transport, because, in addition to the underpasses in the Bucka Potok on the 6th transversal and the overpass at Hidrogradnja on the 12th transversal, which only have two car lanes, it will be the third pass over or under the railway, which divides the municipality Novi Grad in two parts.

LOT 2C itself will have the same capacity since four lanes will be built above the track. It doubles the capacity of the roads connecting the two parts of the municipality, because the connection with LOT 2V and Stupski Bypass will be realized from the street of Safeta Zajka via LOT 2C and the rotary in Brijesce.

The municipality of Novi Grad has already commissioned project documentation for linking LOT 2C and the Ninth Transversal and after the completion of these major projects, the drivers will be able to get onto the VC corridor directly from Alipasino Polje and Dzemal Bijedica Street.

The construction of LOT 2C is financed by the funds of the European Investment Bank and the OPEC Fund, and will cost about 10 million BAM. The project implementer is the Public Company Ceste Federacije, while the investor Euroasfalt.

(Source: Akta.ba)

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