Security Minister Cikotic: The Migrant Settlement in Lipa will be built within three Months

Yesterday, Selmo Cikotic, the Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), together with the Chief of Staff of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Europe, Eugenio Ambrosi, and the Ambassador of Austria to BiH, Ulrike Hartmann, visited the Lipa area near Bihac, where almost 1.000 migrants are currently accommodated in a temporary tent settlement, where the announced construction of a permanent migrant settlement began.

“Construction work on a permanent migrant camp or settlement has begun and is really progressing very well. It is estimated that the planned dynamics of three months for the completion of works will be met. It is especially encouraging that work is constantly being done to improve the living conditions in the temporary tent settlement, where these people are currently staying. Of course, we owe a great deal of gratitude to our partners in this entire process – IOM, the countries of Austria and Germany, as well as all other partners and donors, ” told Minister Cikotic.

The head of IOM  in Europe, Eugenio Ambrosi, showed his satisfaction with the organizational and managerial progress, ie the step forward of state institutions in BiH when it comes to the migration process.

“Finally, we have quality cooperation of all participants in the mentioned process, so the results of that can already be seen. We are making progress every day with the improvement of the living conditions of migrants, as well as with construction works. Together we are moving towards the establishment of an efficient system, which will be used to control and manage the migration process in BiH. IOM will continue to fully support state institutions and be a partner in resolving all problems, but I also hope for the engagement or more concrete involvement of all parts of the state in this process, ” added Ambrosi.

Ulrike Hartmann, the Austrian Ambassador to BiH, also spoke about the improvement of humanitarian, security, and organizational aspects of the situation with migrants and refugees.

“Such progress is absolutely praiseworthy, not only here in Lipa, but also in some other centers. I saw what it all looked like two years ago in the center “Borici”, and now it is a space for a dignified stay of people. The European Union (EU) and Austria, in particular, have provided significant financial support so far, and I am sure that it will be the same in the upcoming period, ” stated Hartmann.

The start of work on the construction of a migrant settlement for about 1.500 migrants and refugees has been ensured with the financial support of the EU and all partners in the process. The project documentation has already been completed, while the first concrete construction works have been enabled with the process of clearing and preparing the terrain, BHRT writes.


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