Second Episode on Force due to Air Pollution in Sarajevo

SarajevopollutionThe Operational Headquarters of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of the Sarajevo Canton reached a decision on declaring the Second Episode “Warning” due to increased concentration of polluting matters in air in the Sarajevo Canton.

Within the second episode, the following measures will be undertaken:

-Vehicles whose petrol engines have a norm less than EURO 1 or diesel engines with norm less than EURO 3 will not be allowed to operate on the relation Baščaršija-Ilidža in both directions, and police controls will be intensified. This action excludes vehicles of police, inspection, Ministry of Defense, public transportation, public utility enterprises, vehicles with diplomatic license plates, and emergency intervention vehicles.

-Freight motor vehicles whose highest allowed mass is over 3.5 tons will not be allowed to operate on the main city longitudinal relation Baščaršija-Nedžarići in both directions, and traffic will be redirected to alternative routes. This excludes vehicles of emergency interventions and delivery vehicles for food products.

Technical regulation and redirection of traffic to alternate routes during the activation of these measures will be conducted via temporary traffic signalization and equipment, signs and directions given by police officers, stated the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sarajevo Canton.

(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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