Seats and Car Upholstery for Millions of Cars produced in BiH every Year

The main export strength of BiH are seats, especially the ones for the automotive industry, as showed by the statistics on foreign trade exchange in the first nine months of this year.

The value of exported seats amounted to 514.42 million BAM in this period, and a total of 374.5 million BAM refers to cars that ended up in the production plants in Germany, Spain and Turkey. Production plants of the world’s largest automobile companies are located in those countries.

“The most important export market is Germany where we exported seats in the amount of 189.9 million BAM, and it is followed by Spain with 89.4 million BAM worth exports. The export to the Turkish market is also important, where we exported 22.1 million BAM worth goods,” as noted from the Foreign Trade Chamber.

Besides seats for the automotive industry, BiH also recorded exports of upholstered seats and seats with wooden frames, and the value of their export in the first three quarters of this year reached the amount of 117.1 million BAM, while the exports in the sector of garden seats amounted to 19.4 million BAM.

When it comes to imports, we gave the most money on oil products – 696.44 million BAM. In the second place are cars with 518.42 million BAM and crude oil with 389.18 million BAM.

The value of the total trade exchange of BiH with abroad countries for the nine months of this year amounted to 21.4 billion BAM. A total of 13.31 billion BAM referred to imports, and 8.09 billion BAM referred to exports. Foreign trade deficit amounted to a total of 5.21 billion BAM at the end of the month of September.


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