SDP: The Embassies of Russia and China should respect the legal Order of BiH

Regarding the diplomatic notes sent to the Office of the High Representative (OHR) by the Embassies of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, the Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SDP BiH) calls on all representatives of the international community, including the two diplomatic missions, to respect the constitutional order of BiH and the BiH General Framework Agreement for Peace. 

“Russia and China are two nations that cooperate with BiH on numerous projects and with which our country has achieved significant economic exchange in the previous period, as well as partnerships in other fields. These countries in BiH can count on a stable partner when it comes to all forms of cooperation of common interest.

Nevertheless, this cooperation must be based on mutual respect and respect for the constitutional and legal order of BiH. Diplomatic notes regarding the status of the High Representative (HR) in BiH do not contribute to strengthening relations. On the contrary, contestation the HR’s position could destabilize the country’s political situation. Therefore, we call on the embassies of China and Russia to refrain from presenting positions that are contrary to the international legal order, as well as the legal order of our country, ” it was announced.

The SDP believes that the reference to the fact that Schmidt’s appointment was not supported by the United Nations (UN)Security Council is in no way a basis for disputing the legality and legitimacy of the election of the HR.

“We note that there is no legal basis for this practice in domestic or international acts. The UN Security Council has not formally supported the appointment of one of the former High Representatives, Christian Schwarz Schilling, whose mandate has never been called into question,” they added.

The statement said the SDP agreed that domestic officials must take greater responsibility for leading the political process in BiH.

“However, as long as some of the key political positions in BiHand the surrounding area are held by officials who publicly deny BiH’s sovereignty, spread hate speech, advocate divisions and ethnic discrimination, glorify war criminals, deny genocide, and actively undermine common peace and stability, the need for a HR exists and his action is necessary,” they stated.

Finally, the SDP calls on all factors of the international order, including the two mentioned embassies, to work in cooperation with BiH and contribute to strengthening state institutions and the capacity of our state to fight destructive tendencies and forces in the country on its own, instead of dealing with the indisputable position of the HR in BiH which was established by the international agreement, Klix.ba writes.

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