SDP decided not to go into Coalition with National Parties

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) General Committee decided, after almost 12 hours discussion, to be the opposition, and reached the decision not to start negotiations with the national parties on the formation of power at the state level of BiH and the Entity of Federation BiH, Federal News Agency Fena reports.

There were 61 delegates voting against the coalition, 31 of which were for the coalition, while the 6 did not vote.

After the session, President of SDP BiH Nermin Niksic read out the conclusions highlighting that the General Committee made the decision that SDP would not be in coalition with the national parties – SDA, HDZ BiH and SNSD.

“The SDP General Board believes SDA has destroyed any possibility for SDP entry at the state and federal level with crucial support in the election of HDZ and SNSD delegates to the homes of the people of Federation BiH, enabling them to have absolute control and blockade of all processes in BiH . GO SDP believes SDA played a double game all the time, on the one hand calling the SDP and BH bloc in power to protect the state while at the same time taking advantage of every opportunity to strengthen the position of HDZ and SNSD,” said Niksic. With representatives at all levels, the party will continue to affirm and support BiH’s path to EU and NATO, will call on equality of citizens and peoples in the whole of BiH, and on economic and social reforms.

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