Scientists claim Coronavirus brought to Bosnia and Herzegovina by Tourists from Wuhan in January

Scientists from the Croatian Ruder Boskovic Institute believe that the coronavirus was brought to BiH and Croatia by tourists from China who visited the two countries in the middle of a pandemic, news portal reports.

“We analyzed the samples in detail and found that the virus arrived in Croatia from three sources: Italy, Austria and directly from Wuhan. It was brought from there by the Chinese who were here as tourists in January,” said Oliver Vugrek of the Ruder Boskovic Institute for 24 sata.

The origin of the virus was discovered based on 21 samples, but the research stopped due to lack of money.

“With the research, we stopped at 21 samples. We analyzed them in detail, of which seven samples were deciphered 100 percent, and the rest were deciphered up to 90 percent because they were of lower quality. In these seven hundred percent samples, we discovered that the virus arrived in Croatia from three springs, “Vugrek said.

When asked if this is a bus with the Chinese who arrived in a bus tour of BiH and Croatia in the middle of a pandemic in their country, Vugrek answered: “Yes, it’s just our conclusion that it’s from there sources. Some of the passengers probably transmitted the virus to a tour guide, and he passed it on. It shows us a pattern that is most similar to the Wuhan virus from the beginning of the pandemic.”

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