Schwarz-Schilling: Arrival of Schmidt would be good for Bosnia

The German government supports the candidacy of Christian Schmidt for High Representative and a decision on that could be made at one of the next meetings of the Peace Implementation Council, Christian Schwarz-Schilling, a former High Representative, told Dnevni Avaz.

”I know him very well. We are friends. I have been informed that there is a possibility that he will be the new High Representative. I told everyone who asked me – I would like it to happen and for now it is a serious initiative,” says Schilling.

The German government has confirmed earlier that it has launched this initiative. Schilling tells Avaz that he talked about the whole story with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office. According to unofficial information, Schilling acts as an informal adviser to Merkel for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

”Yes, the chancellor’s office should be asked about the details, but we talked and I think that a decision can be made soon. It is not bad, I must say that it is time for certain changes,” said Schilling.

As he points out, if he is appointed the new High Representative, German politician Schmidt will aim to initiate the resolution of key remaining issues in BiH.

”It will certainly have the support of Merkel and the German government, but also other countries. He is a new face and it is very important that the current High Representative Valentin Inzko is cooperative. Inzko is aware that he could not do much because he did not have the support of the international community. In the case of the new High Representative, that could change,” he added.

Asked whether the German High Representative would be supported by the new US administration, Schilling said Biden knew the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina very well and was very realistic.

”I do not see any problem in Biden supporting a new beginning for BiH, but that is just my opinion,” he concluded.

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