Schools in RS to teach more about Genocide against Serbs in the NDH

April 8, 2017 4:00 PM

childrenDirector of the Pedagogical Institute of the Republika Srpska Predrag Damjanovic announced that students of primary and secondary schools in the RS will study more on the topic of patriotic wars and World War II, with a focus on the genocide against Serbs in Nazi-fascist Independent state of Croatia (NDH).

In accordance with the changes of the curriculum, new textbooks of the Serbian language and history will be available as well.

“We expect that the new curriculum will cover more content about the genocide against Serbs in the NDH and the defensive-patriotic war,” said Damjanovic.

He added that the Ministry of Education and Culture of RS, jointly with the Department of History of Banja Luka Faculty of Philosophy and associations from the “defensive-patriotic” war have already organized seminars on these topics.

“When something new is introduced, there is resistance. Some people who teach history in schools have not been clear about whether we should speak on these topics openly. I think it is the right time to talk about these things openly, “said Damjanovic.

Last year, education about the crimes against Serbs in NDH was attended by 1,200 teachers of the Serbian language and the history of the RS.

(Source: klix)


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