School Year in Canton Sarajevo begins on September 1st, Children to attend Classes

The current epidemiological situation in the Sarajevo Canton is satisfactory and classes, primarily in the benches, will begin on September 1. The final decision on the model of classes next week.

The final decision on the teaching model will be made next week, but it is planned that there will be no combined model, according to which students used to go to classrooms one week at a time, and follow other classes online.

“We will bring the final instructions on what the classes will look like next week,” said Minister of Education in the Canton Sarajevo Government Naida Hota-Muminovic, recalling that the Crisis Staff and the FBiH Ministry of Health left the job to the cantons.

“We will respect that maximum, a certain number of students who can be in the classroom. The others, who will be “surplus” in the epidemiological sense, will be absent from the classroom for a certain day and will attend classes online, “the minister explained.

As she said, there will be no combined model, according to which half of the students in the class took turns going to school for one week, and the other half followed the classes online.

“This ‘block’ model, where teachers do not see students for seven days, proved to be a bad solution, everyone complained,” said Hota-Muminovic, saying that the new model will maintain the dynamics in the teaching process, ONASA reports.

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