Saudi Arabia donates 50 Tons of Dates to Bosnia

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Bosnia and Herzegovina Osamah Dakhel R. Al-Ahmadi handed over a large number of packages of dates to institutions and humanitarian organizations in BiH today at the ‘King Fahd’ Cultural Center in Sarajevo.

“We have gathered to launch a project to donate 50 tons of dates of exceptional quality to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is just a continuation of the work of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of improving the humanitarian situation in the world in general,” he told reporters.

He adds that the assistance is intended for levels and all categories of society in BiH.

“Every year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has this custom of organizing a program to help friendly countries in the world by presenting one of its best traditional economic products, which are dates,” he said.

He continued by saying that as far as the total volume of assistance that Saudi Arabia provides to BiH is concerned, it is a special and long topic that needs to be discussed separately.

FENA Photo/Amer Kajmovic

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