Satirical Play “Pijun”: How Bosnian Adapts to the Life in USA

pijunThe seventh play “Pijun” under the production of Drama Studio “No name” will be performed tonight in Zavidovići. This mono -drama is the original project of Irfan Ribić.

Mono-drama “Pijun” in the funny and satirical way speaks of current situation of our society, specifically how a man who originates from B&H “adapts” to American way of life. The main protagonist of the pay is Ćazim, a character that links three parts of this hilarious comedy.

The play “Pijun” talks about all life issues, with which a man faces after leaving his country. Therefore, the “American dream” of the main hero failed to become true because as he says he missed ćevapi, brandy, sevdalinke, pies and everything Bosnian.

Drama Studio “No Name” invites all those who are interested to come and watch the show, which will take place at the Cultural Center in Zavidovići, at 19:30.



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