Saša among 100 most talented young People in Denmark

13514374_1214973848553569_1853847822_nAlthough he is only 27, a young man from Trebinje Saša Kovačević has been declared one of the 100 most talented young people in Denmark, where he lives since he was five years old, thanks to his achievements in electronics. Kovačević explained that the Danish authorities included him among 100 most talented young people under 35 years of age in the field fo digital marketing, better known under the abbreviation SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click).

Kovačević says that this recognition came in the moment when his life dream came true – to have his own business.

“With my colleagues from the University of Copenhagen I launched a joint stock company “Obsidian-digital” for electronic/digital marketing. The idea for the company was practically born in Trebinje last year, where I was spending vacation in the family house with guests who are now my partners,” Kovačević recalls.

Kovačević added that he wants to open a similar company in Trebinje, even more because he knows that not much has been done in BiH in the field of digital marketing, and digital marketing provides a great opportunity for economy which needs a swing, especially in his homeland.

This whole story began a lot earlier. During studies, Kovačević got an opportunity to complete the course of the Danish “Cepos”, a non-governmental liberal association that analyses the Danish society in terms of economy, politics, education, and gives guidelines for reforms which, in their opinion, should be implemented in the society in order to improve the situation. There, Kovačević says, he formed the attitude that only in a free society a man as an individual can express and develop his values and thus contribute to the development of the community or the country where he lives.

“Marketing is a vast field and merciless at the same time, so we give everything we can to win a good deal of it and I believe we are on the right track,” adds this ambitious young man in the end. When he was a child, Kovačević moved to Denmark with his parents. He fit in well, but he never forgot Trebinje, his hometown that he visits gladly every summer.

(Source: ekapija.ba/photo: ekapija.ba)

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