SARTR-Stage Reading of Dramas

citanjedrameToday at 19:00 the stage reading of ‘Komad’ by Alma Hadžibeganović and ‘’Idem kući“ by Semir Plivac as part of the project called ‘SAR-VIE-SAR’ will take place.

This project began with the cooperation between the organization Wiener Wortstätten and the Sarajevo War Theatre SARTR with the support of the Embassy of Austria in B&H. The aim of ‘SAR-VIE-SAR’ is to present to the Sarajevo public for the first time authors of B&H origin who live and work in Austria and write in German and translate their dramatic works. The second step is for contemporary B&H dramas to be translated to German and to be presented through stage readings in Vienna.

This project offers the public a glimpse into the rich theatrical opus of the host country, and supports the creative exchange between the author and the translator. The texts are set by playwright Asja Krsmanović and will be read by actors of SARTR. Entrance is free.

(Source: Fena)

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