Sarovic: “unpacking” Dayton is inadmissible and dangerous

“Unpacking ‘Dayton’ is inadmissible and dangerous,” said the president of the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS), Mirko Sarovic, today

“We don’t care who Dodik will talk to, but we do care what the result of his talks is, and that is the initiative to unpack Dayton, which is unacceptable for us,” said Sarovic, referring to the recent meeting between Milorad Dodik and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

According to Sarovic’s statement, the problem is that Dodik said in his statement that Dayton is dead and that a new political solution is needed for BiH, asking Erdogan to get involved and mediate in that topic.

“Our policies differ here, we cannot absolutely agree on that. We have no points of contact with Dodik and the SNSD, because if this process is entered, it is the way to the disappearance of the Republika Srpska, “Sarovic said.

He points out that it is a naive belief that today there are internal circumstances and factors that would allow and that would give the Republika Srpska, in this new political agreement, the same or more autonomy and competence than it has today.

“On the contrary, they would take everything or much more from us than we have and those who approve of Dodik this time and praise his initiative would take from us.

“The idea of ​​peaceful dissolution is the point of divergence of our policies, because we in the SDS believe that this is the most dangerous trap for the unprepared Republika Srpska, and we as a party will resolutely oppose any such initiative,” concluded Sarovic.

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