Sarovic: taking urgent Measures is Necessary in order to initiate Economic Activity



The Serb Democratic Party (SDS), with PDP party and MPs from other political parties, formally launched on Tuesday an initiative to convene an emergency session of the House of Representatives to urgently considered adoption of legislation to mitigate the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

“In our opinion, taking urgent measures is necessary in order to initiate economic activity and stop the drastic loss of jobs,” SDS President Mirko Sarovic said on Tuesday, Fena reports.

Sarovic added that, if the conditions for holding the session are met, the procedure would include: the Bill to amend the Law on Value Added Tax, the Bill on Emergency Savings in the Institutions of BiH amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bill to amend the Law on Excise Tax.

“Regardless of the numerous consequences of the pandemic, the House of Representatives of Bosnian Parliament has not convened a single session for more than a month, and the next proposed session concerns only certain changes to the Rules of Procedure,” Sarovic underlined.


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