Sarovic: Meat Export to Turkey is done without Delays, each Shipment is controlled

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Mirko Sarovic, commented the information on allegations of Turkish media that exported meat from our country arrived infected to Turkey, saying that the Veterinary Office is in charge of that, and that the current meat exports are done without any problems.

Although there is a probability that 20 tonnes of infected meat were exported from BiH to Turkey, the Turkish side has not yet initiated any proceeding in order to suspend imports from BiH.

The Minister Sarovic told that meat export to Turkey is done without delays.

“The meat export is carried out without any delays, and every shipment is controlled by the Turkish and BH Cantonal Veterinary Inspectors. Shipments which are defective cannot be returned, but are being destroyed, “ Sarovic said.

He noted that the Veterinary Office of BiH will make a statement on the allegations that the infected meat was sold to the Turks, because that institution corresponds with the Turkish side.



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