Before Sarajka: How this Part of the City used to look like? (PHOTO)

BBI beforeDepartment store Sarajka was opened in April 1975.

At the initiative of the famous Sarajevo architect, Vienna student and professors at the Faculty of Architecture – Juraj Neidhardt, it was decided for the department store to be constructed on the previously non-existing Trg Oktobra (October Square) in the city center, an area that is located between Titova Street, Radiceva Street, and Miss Irbina Street and former Dositejeva Street.

There was no square at this place back then, but many buildings, including one of the oldest taverns “Istra”, a famous gathering of Sarajevo bohemians, then building of cinema Dubrovnik, bowling alleys, city taverns, patisserie “Mali Olom” etc. These old symbols of Sarajevo were destroyed in order to, according to the project of Vladimir Vova Zarahovic, build department store “Unima” from the ground.

Unima, later called Sarajka, was opened on the Day of Sarajevo, the 6th of April 1975.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Sarajka was replaced by BBI shopping center.

And how this part of the city looked before Sarajka?

Take a look at the photo posted by Nermin Tulic.

BBI before

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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