Sarajevski Cevapi can be found in Heart of Belgrade from Now

“Sarajevski cevapi” are a recognizable brand for a longer period of time throughout the world, can be found in the countries of the region as well. portal visited one of the most famous restaurants in Belgrade and tried cevapi that are made according to the original recipe of the Sarajevo masters.

In their desire to bring the delicious Sarajevo cevapi to Belgrade Dragan Colic, brother of the regional star Zdravko Colic and Slobodan Simovic opened the “Sarajevski” restaurant.

“Dragan and I are colleagues and friends and more than a decade and we came up with the idea to open a restaurant selling cevapi. Since both of us are born in Sarajevo and we are very close to this town, the owners of Brajlovic and Hodzic have given us a recipe, not seeking anything in return, “Slobodan told team.

They opened a restaurant in the heart of Belgrade, where people from Belgrade and as well as numerous guests from neighboring countries, enjoy the specialties of Sarajevo that are really hard to resist.

“The work is doing well, and the Belgrade really loves cevapi. The older generation who had more opportunities to stay in Sarajevo and try cavapi in Bascarsija prefer them more,” Slobodan concluded.

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